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System integration by OKNO-TV

Do you need the services of a systems integrator?

Do you want to upgrade your TV station or build a new system from scratch?

Are you interested in a standard project or an exclusive solution?

Working with OKNO-TV:

You are entrusting your project to an experienced partner

OKNO-TV has built broadcasting systems for over 20 years and is a leader in the field

You get complete expert advice before signing a contract

Thanks to them you can optimize your investments and reduce future risks of the project, a full budgetary quotation with options is provided

You get a pre-project study of the technical condition of your studio or TV Station

After the study you will get full information on the standards and performance specifications of the equipment to be installed

You get specification based on your requirements     

OKNO-TV specialists will study and evaluate your targets in detail, assist in preparing the specification taking into account nuances which a director or other project participants may forget or not be aware of.

You get a fully designed project and feasibility study     

Our experts will prepare a detailed presentation and description of the future complex, its real and potential capacity, and provide an estimated budget for the project

You get help with the project submission

Our managers will present the proposal to shareholders and investors and provide guarantees for banks and other financial institutions

You get the equipment in accordance with the terms of contract (including purchase, delivery and customization)

We deal with monitoring delivery time. No need to worry about delays. All equipment will be shipped to the installation site regardless of the country of manufacture.

You plan your own work schedule

You will not interrupt your channel broadcast. Installation of equipment will be coordinated with you.

You do not have to think about re-training your personnel

Upon completion of installation we will carry out comprehensive training for your employees. If required this training will be undertaken by the international manufacturers.

You get professional technical support: warranty, post-warranty and preventive maintenance

If necessary we will undertake all repair and maintenance work. Our local office will co-ordinate all repairs!

You get a complete set of documentation for the project: drawings, diagrams, descriptions, manuals

If you have the need to carry out any further work in the station, or train new technical staff, your television professionals can easily understand the documentation, including drawings and schedules.



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