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Control Interfaces
Hardware Control Panels in collaboration of Panasonic&Lawo

The LBP series of hardware control panels have fully configurable multicolor graphical LCD buttons which provide unmatched status display and control possibilities. Each button has the ability to perform multiple functions from a single push, thus hugely increasing the operational flexibility of the panels. Every action initiated from a button is executed in realtime and for operational safety and clarity, the button displays will only show the true and current status of crosspoint or parameter settings. There are no limits to the number of control pages within a panel and with a large toolbox of button navigation possibilities, even the most complex of workflows can easily be accommodated and in most cases simplified. Some panels include rotary encoders to make parameter control more intuitive and precise.

All panel network setup and automatic firmware updates are handled directly over the VSM network. All panels have two built-in GPIOs which are free for any use and programmed as part of the normal GPIO configuration in vsmStudio.



  • Large variety of hardware panels available
  • Freely configurable LCD multi-colored buttons
  • Buttons display real-time status and indication for operational safety and clarity
  • Multiple functions can be configured from one button push
  • Rotary Encoder panel for parameter control can be added to work with any button panel
  • Unlimited number of control pages possible allowing optimisation of operational workflows
  • Direct Ethernet connectivity to the VSM network
  • Each panel has two built-in GPIOs for free use
  • A VSM hardware panel can be used as an emergency backup video switcher panel as well as a video switcher aux panel
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