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We Build Television!  

OKNO-TV is the leading system integrator in the Russian Federation. Founded in 1991, today OKNO-TV is the largest company specializing in design and modernization of TV channels, leading in the technical design of TV studios.

With our headquarters in Moscow the company also has offices in St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk.

OKNO-TV has successfully implemented projects for both federal and regional satellite companies.  These range from simple upgrades to complete broadcast centres.  We cover all aspects of Broadcasting, including but not only film production facilities, Sound for all areas of Production, television studios from lighting Systems to all technical equipment. Our own staff design and procure the equipment for systems. We provide complete technical support during installation and commissioning. Finally we can provide complete technical support with our own staff to ensure that our systems will provide efficient and effective service to the production teams.

Among our major works  are projects for Channel One, RTR, NTV, NTV-Plus, Russia Today, Public Television of Russia, Star, TV Centre  We provided radio broadcast systems for  Echo of Moscow, City-FM, Mayak, Relax FM, Business FM, Militia wave and others.

OKNO-TV utilises its vast experience, much gained as a result of cooperation with the main federal channels and working with regional customers, to give regions the greater opportunity to develop their systems to the most modern level.

Our Company experts analyse their needs and offer technology already successfully applied on state channels. Today OKNO-TV has a series of integrated regional projects which can be customised to suit their exact requirements taking into account the characteristics of different cities and towns.

The principal objective of these systems is to meet the requirements of the customer while also working within the constraints of the budget. Among these projects are: Astrakhan 24, OTV (Ekaterinburg), VETTA (Perm), Channel 6 (Vladimir), Nika (Kaluga), and others.

The company has close relationships with the majority of Broadcast manufacturers. These direct contacts and Long term partnerships provide us with the latest information about updates and new designs.  This enables us to select the best equipment for projects enabling the matching of kit to budget and objectives.

OKNO-TV experts undertake regular Professional Development programmes learning new technologies and enhancing their existing knowledge base. By these means we ensure that the company's customers have the most up to date systems which will provide high quality programming with no requirement for further upgrades.



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